Watch It Now: “Family Tree” Comedienne Nina Conti Monkeys Around in “Her Master’s Voice”

While we’re excited about Christopher Guest’s return to filmmaking with the HBO series “Family Tree” this week, his first original comedy since 2006’s awards season send-up “For Your Consideration,” we’re equally enthused about the Stateside arrival of Nina Conti, the British ventriloquist who will be bringing along her foul-mouthed monkey Monk with her to steal scenes as one of the eccentric relatives of a man (Chris O’Dowd) who hits the road with genealogy as his guide.

Though Conti made a brief appearance in “For Your Consideration” as a TV anchor, it seemed as though it was only a matter of time before she became a featured player in one of Guest’s productions after the “Waiting for Guffman” writer/director lent his name as an executive producer to her surreal 2012 documentary “Her Master’s Voice,” which follows the comedienne as she pays tribute to a former mentor. We adored the film when it premiered at SXSW – our review is here – and since it’s now available to watch online via Hulu, you might want to catch up on the unique performer before her big debut on Sunday night.

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