Watch It Now: Eric Roberts Practices Hard Journalism, Spills Blood Alongside Ink in “Deadline” Trailer

We rarely post trailers on The Moveable Fest, but we'll make an exception for “Deadline,” a film we've had an eye on ever since its successful Kickstarter campaign this past January. The sweaty Southern potboiler about a cold case left unsolved because of racial tensions over the murder of a young African-American man in rural Alabama was intriguing as a regional indie production, but that was before knowing Eric Roberts would be playing the kind of hard-charging journalist we could get behind, putting his underlings in armlocks and carrying a briefcase with a cushioned place for his Jack Daniels alongside his pens and tape recorders (see 1:04 below). If this adaptation of Charlotte Observer editor Mark Ethridge's novel "Grievances" is "inspired by true events" as advertised, we'd like to meet this guy.

While "Deadline" will have its world premiere on February 15th, audiences around the country will be able to see it on April 13th through Freestyle Releasing.


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