For a film that’s about the birth of viral videos and the unlikely celebrities born from them, “Winnebago Man” has taken a while to reach the same medium, but that all changes today. Thanks to SnagFilms’ SummerFest, Ben Steinbauer’s film about Jack Rebney, an RV salesman whose tirade on a hot summer day while shooting an industrial video became an underground sensation and eventually a YouTube hit, is available for the next two weeks for free. (Coincidentally, the film’s official site is also offering paraphernalia from the film and the DVD at a discount through September 15th.)

Though the film traces Rebney’s rise to become known as “the angriest man in the world,” it is undeniably a feel-good film, even if it’s a bit bittersweet now that San Francisco’s Red Vic, the home of Rebney’s great triumph, has closed its doors. Still, “Winnebago Man” is a beautiful portrait of Rebney, whose journey is unexpected, and of an era of fame that we're still trying to comprehend, even if its much deserved as it is in the case of the "Winnebago Man." The film can be seen below.