Burning Bargain: SXSW Badges At Their Lowest Price Until 9/23 As Registration Opens

Well, "Burning Bargain" sort of. Registration for the 2012 SXSW Festival has officially gotten underway, meaning the lowest price possible for next year’s festival is available for a film badge ($395), an interactive or music badge ($595), or the gold (interactive/film; $795) or platinum badge (music/film/interactive; $995) before the price rises on September 23rd. Considering it’s already difficult to book a hotel in downtown Austin between the festival dates of March 9th through 18th outside of SXSW’s own blocks of rooms (which can be found here), early planning may be for the best. It's also worth noting Southwest Airlines, among other carriers, has already put their schedule online through March 9th, meaning you can book a flight to the festival, though not one back, which may not be necessary since it's not unusual for SXSW attendees from out of town to not want to leave after the festival ends anyway.

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